Janet Long, Chief of Staff

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I am so honored to be appointed Chief of Staff and extension chairman for the 2017 – 2018 term of office.  “LEAVING OUR LEGACY” is something we do every day.  We want to be aware of what kind of legacy we are leaving; being kind and helpful to all our members will make for a good working atmosphere and promote our organization.   Mentoring our members will go a long way in helping them to understand how and why we conduct our business and promote our programs.  We need to keep in contact with our bachelor post and gently convince them what a help an auxiliary would be.  Increasing our numbers by adding auxiliaries and members helps everyone.  More members’ means more hands to help with our programs and more voices when we are working for our Veterans rights.  We need to thank our members and show them we appreciate all they do to make this the greatest organization in the world.