Marvie Wisniewski

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JoLynn Altvatter, Membership Chairman

Lynn Smith, Co-chairman

Welcome to the “Peace for All Veterans” year.

My name is Marvie Wisniewski and I am excited to be teamed up with Jo Lynn Altvatter to inspire, motivate, mentor and encourage you to Retain, Recruit and get former members to Rejoin our Organization.

Our Membership program has a lot of changes this year with a big emphasis on Recruiting. We have developed some “challenges” for you to get our year off and running early. Let’s work together to get President Susan to 100% plus in membership!

Membership can be daunting and sometimes over whelming. Let’s step away from the numbers and remember WHY you joined, WHY you stayed and WHY your work for our Veterans and their families is crucial. Every member has something to offer whether they are our Seasoned Members or the newest member on our team. Keeping members involved and mentoring new members helps in our efforts to grow our organization.

Check out the Membership program and the exciting NEW awards possible for members and Auxiliaries! Plus let’s have some fun with some healthy competition between the Up State, Mid State and Down State Districts!

Recently, I had a 15+ year member tells me that she had done basically everything from holding Offices and Chairmanships to fundraising. She teamed up with a new member, had been re-inspired and had the best year she had ever had as an Auxiliary Member. You never know where, when or how someone can be inspired and motivated to continue their journey within our organization. Be that member that mentors and inspires others.

Membership is a team effort and together we can have some fun. Together we can grow. Together we are unstoppable in our efforts to honor and help our Veterans and their families. Together we can enter the Circle of Excellence.

Jo Lynn and I are looking forward to a great year. We are here as your membership team to help in any way we can. So “Come on Get Happy”, hop on the membership bus with us and let’s get groovy, retaining and recruiting members.