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Department President Sue Parrish theme for 2018-2019 is “Peace For Our Veterans”

I am excited to be her Pin Chairman this year. As the Department Presidents before her have done, Sue has designed a Pin anyone would be proud to wear.

It is a” White Dove’, outlined in gold holding a “POPPY” in its mouth. The Dove stands for Peace and our Veterans make the Poppy’s.  The design has an extra special meaning to Sue , as it is connected with her Dad,  a WW 11 Veteran. Her wish is that her Dad and all Veteran’s find peace within themselves.

Sues pin will sell for $3.00, which helps to raise funds for her special project, “BUILDING HOMES FOR HERO’S”.

I will be giving the District Presidents pins to distribute to her/his Auxiliaries. We will be able to sell all of the Presidents Pins if all of our members do their part in selling them.

Her pin can be worn by anyone on any type of clothing or hat.  Encourage your VFW Post to purchase her pin.

Your Auxiliary can purchase President Sues Pin and use for the following reasons:

Give as a small token to the following

  • A new member as a welcome gift
  • A Veteran-Male or Female, to wear on their hat
  • Veterans in VA Homes/Nursing Homes as a way of saying “Thank You for their Service”
  • To give to a friend to just let them know you are thinking of them
  • An inexpensive Birthday gift


Let’s help make President Sue’s SPECIAL PROJECT “ BUILDING HOMES FOR HERO’S” a success by selling her Pin for just $3.00.


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