Terry Ann Calabrese

As we start our “Peace for all Veterans” year, our reporting year starts too. As Program Coordinator, working with each Department Chairmen readying their promotional materials and eBlasts to keep our Auxiliaries and members updated on current events.

Reporting is so important because each person, every hour given, miles traveled or dollar spent, means we are promoting our programs, helping and assisting veterans and their families and sharing opportunities to local schools so our students express their loyalty and/or patriotism in some form.

This information, your reporting, is collected statistical data that is then submitted to the Illinois VFW twice a year and forwarded to National. This helps give the overall totals of what we do as an organization. This information is key when the VFW goes before Congress to testify for our veterans and it shows our local communities what WE do as the VFW and Auxiliary for our Veterans. The other factor is it allows us to maintain our organizations’ tax-exempt, charitable organization status. At the end of the year when the VFW and Auxiliary compile their annual Fact Sheets … this is where/how we get to those numbers…by reporting!

Take credit for what you or your Auxiliary does on each of our programs. The Online Report feature on our website makes reporting so easy! With a few clicks and filling in the important information once you hit SEND … it’s reported!

“Believe … We Can Do It”