There have been several questions, so hopefully this will address the information being requested until the 2017-2018 Department Roster (Directory) is handed out at our upcoming Council Meeting and balance mailed the week of 8/14.

Any mail being sent to the PO Box 76, Monee, IL 60449 is being forwarded to Department Treasurer Linda Lorenz.

The mailing address and contact information for Department Treasurer Linda Lorenz is as follows:


Please make note of the


Department Treasurer Linda Lorenz

140 W. Ann Street

Somonauk, IL  60552

  EMAIL:  vfwauxiltreas@gmail.comm

The fax number is an e-fax number that the Department Treasurer and Secretary will use to retrieve faxes.

The phone number stays the same because it has been switched to a cell phone direct to the Department Treasurer.