Paula DeDoncker

I am Paula DeDoncker, a US Navy veteran, who knows first hand the value and importance of the Veterans and Family Support program. I am honored that President Billie has chosen me as our Department VFS Chairman. Together we can “Light The Way For Our Veterans “, with our beacon of support.

Young or old, every veteran has earned our support, and those standing beside them have also earned our support.

This year we will emphasize not just on our veterans, but their families and caregivers as well.

I’m asking that you join me in these efforts! Report your activities, no matter how big or small. Remember it’s never too late when it comes to our veterans!


We have provided a place here for you to download all of the information that we distribute to you through our Program Book and Bi-Monthly Chairmen’s Bulletins.  You will need Adobe Reader, it is a Free program and can be downloaded here  Get Adobe