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ONLINE reporting has been shut off for this year.  Look for it on our new website June 10!


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                                              Lynn Smith, President

                                                 BE A WARRIOR


Welcome to the 2023-2024 year. I’m honored to have this opportunity to represent the Department of Illinois VFW Auxiliary.  Every member of this Department is part of the team.


It is our dedication to this organization that will make every Veteran have a better life. I believe in my heart that every Veteran deserves the best. Whether the best is benefits such as health, mental or hospice care. Or entitlements such as monetary, recognition, retirement and respect. As Auxiliary members this is what we fight for for our Veterans.

My theme this year is “BE A WARRIOR” I chose this theme for two reasons first I believe that a warrior will fight for what is right. It’s about fighting for something bigger than ourselves, showing compassion, leading by example, and not focused on what we can get from others, but what we can do for them. The second reason is my father’s dedication the VFW and his Native American heritage.

I joined the Auxiliary in 1978 under the eligibility of my father, who was in World War II. He served in the Philippines and was awarded the Asian/Pacific medal. Upon returning home and his discharge, he entered the Reserves until 1951. He became a member of Lt. Otto Staeheli VFW Post 849 in 1942 and was a member until his passing in 1989.

Our National President Carla Martinez brings us a great message this year, and that is the concept of being Kind and Humble to each other. Carla’s theme is “BANDING TOGETHER FOR OUR VETERANS”. If all Warriors band together, we can meet the challenges that are put before us.

One of the greatest challenges this year will be growing our membership, and our goal is to reach 100% plus. I am asking each member to recruit one member. I believe we can do this. Next is to retain our current members, if we do this, I have no doubt that we will reach our goal.

I am proud to be from Illinois and It is my hope that every Auxiliary member will ‘BE A WARRIOR’ and continue to improve the lives of our Veterans, military, their families and our communities. I am counting on you to be that member who isn’t afraid to break the records and wants to BE A WARRIOR.

Wishing all of you a successful and productive year!