Janet Kays

11447 IL Route 125
Beardstown IL 62618
Email: janetskays2010@live.com


Once again, I am honored to be serving as your Americanism Chairman.  We will all be striving to  “Be a Warrior” for our veterans as we follow President Lynn’s leadership this year.

As your 2023-2024 Department Chairman, I will guide you to the best of my ability in activities that should be a part of your local programs: flag education, the promotion of Patriotic holidays, instruction on the rituals and traditions of The VFW Auxiliary, the spreading of patriotism, and education on the POW/MIA flag and Missing Man table.  As you review the program you should also note that our National Ambassador,  Linda Roloff, is encouraging everyone to use more than acronyms when referencing these important terms:  Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, and Killed in Action.  You will also see that many parts of the program are similiar from year to year; and if you have been successful in promotiong our Americanism ideals in your community in traditional ways, then keep up the good work.

Please continue to report what you have done throughout the year.  We must continue to work together to promote patriotism  and be good citizens, as this is certainly one of  the important objects of our organization.  I am looking forward to working with the auxiliaries of Illinois, because I know what great things you have accomplished in the past, and I am confident this hard work will continue.



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