Janet Kays

11447 IL Route 125
Beardstown IL 62618
Email: janetskays2010@live.com


I am Janet Kays from District 10, and I am proud to serve under President Marvie as your Department Americanism Chairman for the 2022-2023 year.  As your Chairman, I will do my best to keep you informed about upcoming events and patriotic holidays; and I will relay important information to you from our National Ambassador.

What is the Americanism program?  Simply put, it is the promotion of patriotism, instruction to citizens of all ages about flag etiquette and patriotic holidays, proper celebration of these holidays, and all things concerning proper respect and care for our Veterans.  It is about being a good citizen of this great country.

Our President and Program Chairmen are asking every Auxiliary member to be a part of “the call to action” of performing the work that is laid out in each of the VFW Auxiliary programs. We must also stress the importance of reporting what your Auxiliaries have accomplished, as you do the work of our organization.

Please review the program and note how it can be incorporated into the normal activities of your Auxiliary. This is how we get our “Boots on the Ground for Our Veterans” in this organization. This is how we do our part to honor our Veterans. This is how we roll!




Department Americanism Program 22-23
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National Americanism 22-23
National Americanism Report 22-23


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