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“Honoring Old Glory and those who fought for it”




Have you ever dug out an old family album from the past, and were amazed by its contents?   Maybe you didn’t even remember the occasion until you saw photographs of friends, relatives, and events that were saved in that book.  Preserving history, whether it pertains to family or our VFW Auxiliary, is important.  If done properly, it provides a legacy of the past for others enjoy when we are no longer here, and can also be a meaningful tool to inspire those who follow in our footsteps.

When we miss the opportunity to capture special moments, they are lost to all time—gone forever, and cannot be replicated or enjoyed by others.  The Historian/Media Relations Program provides a means of preserving our heritage and letting others know who we are and what we do through the use of social media, newspaper, flyers, newsletters, etc.  These days, almost everyone carries a cell phone that has a camera, so don’t let those special moments go unrecorded!


The Department Historian  compiles a scrapbook of the Department President’s year, which will be presented to President  Linda at the end of her term.   There will be many events where I will not be present, and will have no opportunity to take photographs, so this will be a team effort.  I am counting on our members to be diligent about taking pictures and sending them to me, or tagging me when photos are shared on Facebook and then reporting it as well.  I would also love to receive newspaper articles, because they provide a written history of the VFW Auxiliary.


This year, we have a new project for the National President’s Visit!  Our National Historian and Medial Relations Ambassador, Nicole Koutz, has asked every Department Historian to provide a Power Point presentation that includes at least 5 photos of President Sandy’s Visit.  It will also include an additional 20 – 45 photos of events that have taken place in our Department.  These photos should be of projects that show your pride in functions of the VFW Auxiliary.  After submitting, the photos will be combined into one presentation and shared at National Convention.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your project highlighted at the convention?  I’m anxiously awaiting those photos of your events.


Ideally, every Auxiliary should have a Historian to record their events, and compile them at the end of the year to give to their President.  This is not always done; but at the very least, every Auxiliary should have a Historian who will take pictures, submit newspaper articles, or post on social media—and most importantly, report their work to the Department Chairman.  The Historian Program is part of the x-sheet, and every Auxiliary needs to file an online report (or mail if necessary).

One event that is often overlooked is the District President’s visit.  Every Auxiliary Historian (or at least someone) should take a photo and send it to their District Historian, so there will be a record of their visit to your Auxiliary.  It should also be sent to the local newspaper (or posted on social media), with information on who the District President is, where they live, what they discussed, or anything else that is interesting, including both Auxiliary and District events.

Newspaper reporting is one of the best ways to attract new members, because it makes the general public aware of who we are and what we do as members of the VFW Auxiliary.  When submitting articles, be sure to talk about the programs of the VFW Auxiliary at all levels (including the National Programs), and how we work to support our veterans. Most nonmembers don’t truly understand the magnitude of what we do.

Sending out newsletters can be very helpful to an Auxiliary.  Many members are not aware of upcoming events or projects, and therefore do not participate.  Communication is key to the success of any Auxiliary!  Who knows…you might find volunteers who have skills that are not being utilized, or have never found a reason to become actively involved. Find out what their interests are, and encourgage them to use their talents within the Auxiliary.

Posting on social media reaches hundreds… maybe even thousands…of individuals, and it’s not hard to do!  Share your stories and photos to help create awareness.  Report this and you can get credit on the x-sheet!


The District Historian collects photos, articles, and other media from the Auxiliaries in his/her District, and prepares a memory book that is presented to the District President at the end of the year.  Be diligent about taking photos, especially when the Department President or other Line Officers attends various functions or makes their official visit during a District Meeting.  PLEASE…send me these pictures so I can include them in the Department President’s Historian Book.  The goal is to have at least one photo from every District in the Department of Illinois—and I need everyone to help with this.

District Historians should also focus on publicizing events through newspaper, newsletters (especially upcoming events), social media, etc.  Make your photos interesting and be creative!


An excellent resource for obtaining publicity can be found on the National website, under the “Resources” tab.   I encourage you to take a few minutes to review the helpful information, which includes a Publicity Guide, talking points, how to share local story ideas and events, and much, much more:

If you are not sure where to start, or just need some ideas, this is the place to go to learn all about promoting the VFW Auxiliary.


First, take lots of photos, so you have a choice as to what to share.  It is embarrassing when a person is shown in an unflattering manner…i.e., eyes closed, crying, mouth open, or distracting objects in the background.  Nobody likes to see a humiliating photo of themselves shared for everyone to see, so review the pictures before using them in any type of media.

As always, it is important to identify photos with the following:  WHO is in the picture; WHAT they were doing; WHEN the photowas taken; WHERE; and WHY you captured the moment (a/k/a the “5 W’s).  This is extremely important!

Department Program Awards:


Auxiliary Awards:

1.Citation to each Auxiliary that partcipates and reports in the Historian/Media Relations Program.

2. An award to the top 3 Auxiliaries for the most outstanding Historian program. Official Entry form (found on the National website) is required and must reach         Department Historian by March 31st, 2022. (All entries must be sent to me, and not directly to National).

3. An award to the Auxiliary with the most outstanding Facebook page. Award form required to be sent to Department Historian by March 31st, 2022.


District Awards:

  1. A citation to all District Chairmen who publicize the Department President’s Official Visit to their District (through the use of any media). Must be mailed to the Department Chairman by April  30, 2022.
  2. An award to the District Chairman with the best coverage of the Historian/Media Relations program at District Meetings. Please send a copy to the Department Chairman after each promotion.  Must be submitted to Department Chairman by April 30st, 2022.





National Historian & Media Relations Program Awards


  1. Most outstanding Auxiliary Facebook Page (must be managed by the Auxiliary).
  2. Citation to every Auxiliary that provides verification of their Auxiliary Facebook Page to their Department Historian & Media Relations Chairman by March 31, 2022. Criteria and entry form (required) available at The Department Historian & Media Relations Chairman must send a copy of all submitted entry forms to National Headquarters by April 30, 2022. Citations will be mailed directly to participating Auxiliaries from National Headquarters.
  3. Citation and $25 to one Auxiliary in each of the four Conferences with the most outstanding Auxiliary Facebook Page (must be managed by the Auxiliary.) The Department Historian & Media Relations Chairman must sign and send a copy of the completed Department winning entry form to the National Historian & Media Relations Ambassador by April 30, 2022 for judging.



  1. Citation to each Department Historian & Media Relations Chairman for participation in this Program.
  2. $25 VFW Store Gift Certificate to one Department Historian & Media Relations Chairman in each of the 10 Program Divisions for the best promotion of media relations training.
  3. $25 VFW Store Gift Certificate to one Department Historian & Media Relations Chairman in each platform (Facebook Live, Facebook Watch, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, etc.) to inspire members.
  4. Outstanding Performance Award in each of the 10 Program Divisions based on criteria listed on Page 5 and for the promotion of Program Goals listed at the top of Page 32.




We have provided a place here for you to download all of the information that we distribute to you through our Program Book and Bi-Monthly Chairmen’s Bulletins.  You will need Adobe Reader, it is a Free program and can be downloaded here  Get Adobe


2020-2021 Department Historian/Media Relations Program

2020-2021 Department Historian/Media Relation Printable Report Form (click here for online reporting)

2020-2021 National Historian Media Relations Program