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It is my honor to serve this 2023 – 2024 term of office as your Legislative Chairman.  We are asking all our members to “Be A Warrior” for our Veterans.

Working together with our VFW Posts we can make our voices heard all across this State and Nation.  I will do my best to keep you informed of our Legislative goals and how we can help the National Organization carry our voices and goals to the halls of Congress and the Statehouse of Illinois.

Now is the time to organize your Auxiliary program by reviewing the Department and National program and setting an agenda to work toward.  Once you have completed a project PLEASE REPORT.  We have always asked you to be reported by December 31, but I am striving to have all Auxiliaries reported by December 15.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help.

Looking forward to working with and hearing from you.


VFW Auxiliary: www.vfwauxiliary.org

Veterans of Foreign Wars: www.vfw.org

VFW Priority Goals Pamphlet: www.vfw.og

VFW Legislative Blog: www.vfwonthehill.gov

VFW Checkpoint Magazine: www.vfwmagazine.org

U.S. Senate committee on Veterans Affairs: www.veterans.senate.gov

VFW D.C. Office: www.vfwdc.org

ce here for you to download all of the information that we distribute to you through our Program Book and Bi-Monthly Chairmen’s Bulletins.  You will need Adobe Reader, it is a Free program and can be downloaded here  Get Adobe

Department Legislative Program 23-24
Department Legislative Report Form 23-24   Click on Online Reporting above to enter report online

National Legislative Program 23-24
National Legislative Report 23-24


2024 Priority Goals






Legislative –  July 2023

Legislative – Sept 2023

Legislative January 2024

Legislative – March 2024