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“Making Life Bearable for our Veterans”

Our veterans, military personnel, their families and our communities are worth our fight and efforts. The Legislative Program provides us  avenues to support their needs: The VFW Action Corps Weekly to advocate your concerns, VFW Priority Goals to inform others, and Tools, Resources and Websites to engage. For a century (1919 – 2019), our members, both VFW and Auxiliary, and other grassroots organizations have been advocating and fighting to improve the benefits of veterans, military personnel, and their families.

Our advocacy efforts are the key to having our voice heard through our representatives locally and on Capitol Hill. The State of Illinois has 18 congressional district representatives for us to advocate on the local, county, state, and federal levels. Together, the VFW and Auxiliary members can send veteran friendly representatives to Capitol Hill. ALL POLITICS ARE Local!  Know your Local, County, State, and Federal Representatives. Visit website for a list of Representatives in your area.


Participate and Vote

2020 is an Election Year. We need to promote the Right to Vote. We should position ourselves to take advantage of veteran friendly candidates, encourage others to go to the polls, and provide veterans with transportation in order to vote on Election Day. It is an honor, a privilege, and a responsibility of all citizens. We need to exercise our right to vote at every opportunity. Please encourage those who have not registered to vote do so before the State of Illinois deadlines. Have your chairman put an ad in your local newspaper offering to drive people to the polls. Let’s leave “I Vote in Honor of a United States Veteran” stickers when picking up your take-out orders, and throughout the community. Encourage all to vote for veteran friendly candidates. Provide opportunities to educate your members on the legislative process. For more information, visit VFW Auxiliary Guide to the Legislative Process. 

To make your voice heard with your representative and advocate for your veterans’ rights, call, write, or email them. When writing an email make sure to be brief, polite with one topic, and draw on your personal experience to make your point. Then remember to THANK your legislator! Remember, no personal visits at this time due to this pandemic. At all times, stay in accordance with the VFW Auxiliary Involvement in Elections and Political Activities and ask for a response to your correspondence.

VFW Action Corps Weekly: It’s a Gateway to Advocacy

The need for veterans to advocate as a group dates back to service members who fought for benefits after they returned home from the war. The VFW National Legislative Service Department in Washington D. C., including the VFW Auxiliary, also recognizes the value of having grassroots advocacy play an important role in their efforts to advocate for veterans on Capitol Hill. For this purpose, the VFW Action Corps Weekly was created a few decades ago.  It provides the Posts, Auxiliaries, and other interested groups with excellent information about pending and completed legislation affecting our veterans. Members and non-members can sign-up to receive VFW Action Corps Weekly, including any Action Alerts regarding VFW issues. It is free and arrives in your email inbox every Friday. Such information can be used when contacting your local representatives about issues of concern. Subscribe today!

VFW 2020 Priority Goals brochure: It’s Informative

The VFW 2020 Priority Goals brochure is attached. These goals were developed to ensure that an adequate VA system will be available for the millions of current and future veterans. They are updated and released every year in January with expected positive results for veterans, military personnel and their families. It is a good practice to keep copies available at all times for distribution to representatives and other interested parties. If additional VFW 2020 Priority Goals brochures are needed, contact VFW Washington Office at 202.543.2239.

Tools. Resources and Websites: Helps to stay Engaged

As a group effort, the VFW and VFW Auxiliary, developed tools, resources and websites that are available to help guide our members through the Legislative Program, and the legislative processes and aid you to perform at you best. More information on “What We Do, VA Welcome Kit, How to join, VFW Auxiliary Word Search, and Blogs” can be found on the website.

VFW Auxiliary: Veterans of Foreign Wars:
VFW Auxiliary Involvement in Elections and Political Activities  VFW D.C. Office:
VFW Auxiliary Magazine or Emailed. VFW 2020 Priority Goals Brochure: (See attached)
VFW Auxiliary Guide to the Legislative Process VFW National Legislative Service: Priorities
I “VOTE” in Honor of a Veteran VFW Fact Sheet (updated March 2020)
Women Veteran Health Care Users: http/


VFW Checkpoint E-Newsletter (Only): Email to subscribe.
VFW Auxiliary Guide to Contacting Your Legislative Veterans Vote Brochure
House of Representative Committee on Veterans Affairs: VFW’s Legislative Blog:
US Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs: The White House:


House of Representatives:
  • Library of Congress Search Engine: or Govtrack, a non-government legislative tracking group:
  • The Center for Legislative Archives National Archives:



  1. Citation to each Auxiliary who participates and reports in Legislative Program by December 31, 2020.
  1. Citation and award to one Auxiliary from Downstate, Mid-state and Upstate Areas for the best training of members on the legislative process. Reports must be submitted to the Legislative Department Chairman by March 31, 2021.
  1. Citation and award to the Auxiliary Member who have had the most contacts with their Legislator or other Legislators, by letter, by fax, by phone, by email or through social media. Please include which Legislator(s) were contacted.


  1. Citation and award to the District Legislative Chairman with the best promotion of the Legislative Program. Promotion materials/reports are to be sent within 30 days after each District meeting to the Legislative Department Chairman.
  1. Citation to each District for participation the Legislative Program



  1. Most outstanding training of members on the legislative process.
  • Citation to every Auxiliary that trains members on the legislative process. Criteria and entry form (required) available at Auxiliaries must send the entry form to their Department Legislative Chairman by March 31, 2021.

The Department Legislative Chairman must send a copy of all submitted entry forms to National Headquarters by April 30, 2021.

Citations will be mailed directly to participating Auxiliaries from National Headquarters.

  • Citation and $25 to one Auxiliary in each of the four Conferences with the most outstanding training of members on the legislative process.

The Department Legislative Chairman must sign and send a copy of the completed Department-winning entry form to the National Legislative Ambassador by April 30, 2021 for judging.


  1. Citation to each Department Legislative Chairman for participation in this Progr
  2. $25.00 VFW Store Gift Certificate to one Department Legislative Chairman in each of the 10 Program Divisions for the best promotion of legislative education and member involvement in the Legislative Program.
  3. Outstanding Performance Award in each of the 10 Program Divisions based on criteria listed on Page 5 and for the promotion of Program Goals on Page 37.


We have provided a place here for you to download all of the information that we distribute to you through our Program Book and Bi-Monthly Chairmen’s Bulletins.  You will need Adobe Reader, it is a Free program and can be downloaded here  Get Adobe

2020-2021 Department Legislative Program

2020-2021 Department Legislative Report (click here for online reporting)

2020-2021 National Legislative Program

2020-2021 National Legislative Ambassador

2020-2021 Priority Goals Brochure






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