Rhonda Borkgren, Chairman
323 S. Stewart Street
Geneseo, IL 61254
(309) 714-8077

Paula DeDoncker, Co-Chairman
1417 14th Street
Moline, Illinois 61265
(309) 269-5994

I am Rhonda Borkgren Past Department President and my co-chairman is Paula DeDoncker. We are both from the exciting 8th District. We are going to be your membership team and we are going to lead Illinois to 100% in MEMBERSHIP and get Illinois into the Circle of Excellence for the 2023-2024 year. As membership chairmen we are going to cheer you on and lead the way as we follow the yellow brick road to the Circle of Excellence.

We’re off to follow the Yellow Brick Road to 100% in MEMBERSHIP! Membership is the key to getting us to the Circle of Excellence. If we get to 100% Plus in membership Lynn gets into National’s Circle of Excellence and we can all get into the Illinois Circle of Excellence! I know we can do this! I know if we don’t get distracted by the wicked witch and her flying monkeys, nothing can stop us! If we follow our leaders and the new friends we meet along the way, the scarecrow, tinman, and cowardly lion, and don’t forget the Lollipop guild and their leader Glenda the Good Witch. They will all help us to get Dorothy, our Department President Lynn, “home” to our Circle of Excellence! The munchkins will always be there to help and guide us, with their knowledge and friendship! Getting our dues into Auntie Em as fast as possible is our goal.

We must practice the 3 I’s. Invite, Invest, and Include. These principles are important for both new and seasoned members. We will never get to 100% in membership if we don’t retain our members. If we don’t invite our members to participate and include them in all our activities, we might as well set the flying monkeys after them. They will leave as fast as they join. We can’t let Lynn get lost in Oz. We must lead her home. The new members are wonderful. We must remember to Include them in our auxiliary activities. Inviting them to join is great, but you must follow through and invite them to our meetings. Keep them coming back! When we invite our friends and family to join us and invest in their membership, we will have Lynn skipping down the Yellow Brick Road and stepping into the Circle of Excellence, which is our HOME!



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