Danielle Krull

6204 S. Normandy Ave.
Chicago, IL 60638
Phone: (773) 615-4375
Email:  Danielle.krull@hotmail.com

Our Mission:

Member care and support with Hands that Serve, Hearts that Care. As a Department, we need to continue to gain membership STAT by putting our Boots on the Ground for our Veterans. We cannot FLAT-LINE in our momentum to grow our numbers in Illinois.

Do not make us call a CODE BLUE to resuscitate our member retention.

We want to keep all CODE YELLOWS and CODE REDS restricted in the Department by inviting, including, investing, and having a plan for our membership growth in Illinois!



We have provided a place here for you to download all of the information that we distribute to you through our Program Book and Bi-Monthly Chairmen’s Bulletins.  You will need Adobe Reader, it is a Free program and can be downloaded here  Get Adobe


Department Membership Program 22-23
Department Membership Report Form 22-23
National Membership 22-23
National Membership Report 22-23




Dues Reminders Presentation


Incentive #1 – Membership 22-23

Incentive #2 – Membership 22.23

July 2022

Membership Update #2 22.23

September 2022

Incentive 4 – Membership 22.23

November 2022

February Membership Incentive

Spring Challenge Aux

May Membership Update