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Rhonda Borkgren, President

               Department of Illinois

Honoring Old Glory and Those Who Fight For It



My Project is Special PTSD therapy through the Vet Center. The Vet Center is funded through the Department of Veteran Affairs. They are located all over the state and they are usually the first line of treatment for most Veterans suffering PTSD. The services they offer are totally free. They offer Counseling for individuals, group, marital and family, Bereavement, drug and alcohol, and Military sexual trauma. They also offer Employment guidance, Liaison with the VA, Benefits assistance, Outreach in urban and rural areas, coffee and a safe place to talk, Counselors with combat experience, flexible hours and walk-ins are welcome. They also will treat parents, spouses, and children of those who died in service to our country. In my auxiliary I learned about them while looking for a counselor for the Vietnam Traveling Wall. They came with all kinds of information. They brought a motor home and had it on site for anyone who needed to be alone to decompress or needed to talk to a counselor. They were amazing. Since that time, we have had them come do suicide prevention talks. The people from our Moline location have come to Geneseo many times on Saturday and Sunday for things we have had and asked them to speak. One of our auxiliary sisters told us about her husband receiving treatment there for PTSD. She told us about a special glass blowing class he took. When they can get extra money, from donations, they can hold special classes to help those suffering from PTSD. They all do different things, depending on how much they have available and availability of classes. Those classes weather hunting, horseback riding, glass blowing, whatever it is, it helps those Veterans’ to resume a normal life. After having the Vietnam Wall, I learned just how many suffer from PTSD. It isn’t a few like news reports want you to believe. It’s more like every person who has served has PTSD. It isn’t something that goes away. It has to continually be dealt with. I have talked to Veterans who have suffered for 50 years. That’s why my project is to raise funds for those suffering PTSD to get extra help.


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