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According to dictionary.com, a report is “an account or statement describing in detail an event…” which means reporting is the act of completing a report, either verbally or in writing. Auxiliary members often hear, “REPORT, REPORT, REPORT!” but many members may be unsure of the five W’s of reporting: who, what, when, where, and why. Though the biggest stressor of all may be how to properly complete a report either online or in paper form.


Who should be completing reports? Program reports can be completed by ANY Auxiliary member who is involved with or completes an Auxiliary project. Most often,

though, it is the Auxiliary’s program chairman who should be responsible for completing a report or who should see to it reports are properly completed by another Auxiliary member.


What projects should be reported? What projects should be reported and under which program to report is confusing for everyone. EVERY project an Auxiliary completes should be reported. Chairmen and Auxiliary members should familiarize themselves with the National and Department Programs as well as the program updates provided throughout the year by the National and Department Chairmen. These resources provide valuable information and can answer many reporting questions.

Remember, if a project is reported under the wrong program, a situation is created where an Auxiliary might not receive credit for its hard work. The information might fall through the cracks and valuable statistical data lost. Making program information available to not only the Auxiliary Program Chairmen but also every Auxiliary member will help achieve a better understanding and result in more accurate reporting.


When should a report be completed? Prompt reporting is best. When reporting is not completed in a timely manner following the completion of a project, it can slip through the cracks and NEVER get reported. Lack of reporting reflects badly on all levels of our organization.


Where and how are reports completed? There are two ways to complete a Department of Illinois Program report: online reporting and paper report form. Online reporting at www.vfwauxiliaryil.org is the preferred way for a

Department of Illinois VFW Auxiliary member to complete a program report. On the website, there is an “On Line Reporting” tab with a drop-down box listing each Department Program. Choose a program


by clicking on its name in the drop-down box and a page will open with a digital version of the program-specific report form. Then, simply type information into the form and click “Continue”. A summary page will open listing the information entered on the previous page. Once the information is confirmed to be correct, click “Submit.” The report is sent to everyone who needs it and a confirmation is sent to the person submitting the report.


For those who do not use computers or the internet, paper report forms for each program can be found in the Department of Illinois Program book distributed to the Auxiliary Presidents at the beginning of each Auxiliary year. Simply make copies of the report forms, complete and mail to the appropriate Department Program Chairman.


Please note the following questions are at the bottom of every Department Program report form (online or paper) and it is important they be completed:

  1. Total number of projects this report
  2. Number of members participating
  3. Total hours worked
  4. Total number of miles
  5. Total value of dollars spent
  6. Amount/Value$ of pints @ $65 per pint: (Hospital report only).


It is crucial that these questions are answered on EVERY report so the data can be accurately compiled and submitted to the VFW twice a year.


Why is reporting necessary? Reporting EVERY project the Auxiliary completes not only gives the Auxiliary credit for its work, it provides valuable statistical data that is compiled, reported bi-annually to the VFW and used to show how much our organization is doing for the Veterans. Remember, even though it is fun to receive awards at the Department Convention in June, that recognition is not the reason for reporting. The things we do to support our Veterans, military, and their families are what Auxiliary members should be most proud of because “Honoring Old Glory and Those Who Fight for It” is what the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary is all about.