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It is time that we really start pushing the Auxiliary Scholarship opportunities if you have not already.

The Continuing Education Scholarship is for your members (who have been members for at least one year) and their immediate family.   The application is below for you to print off.  It is for those that are pursuing a college degree or a career direction at a vocational/technical school.

These applications are due to NATIONAL by February 15th.  The address is on the application.  It requires an essay to be included with the application.  It is for those with a financial need.

The YOUNG AMERICAN CREATIVE PATRIOTIC ART CONTEST applications should be at the high schools and for those that may be home schooled.  Your entries are due to me by March 31st.

There are separate awards now for 2-D and 3-D art projects.  Please judge them separately in your Auxiliaries and send me your 1st place winners for each one to me.  EVERY Auxiliary can send me a 2-D and 3-D art project.  There is NO District judging.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me.

Thank you for all your hard work,

I hope to see you at the VOD Banquet on February 11th.  Please see the flyer below for information.


There will be separate judging for 3-D art this year, so every auxiliary can send me a   2-D and a 3-D entry for judging.

If you review the awards for auxiliary, District and National, the 3-D part of the Young American Creative Patriotic Art contest is really being stressed this year.  There is also an additional escrow fund set up for the 3-D program.

The National award is for the best promotion of the 3-D art contest. There is a form available at to complete.  The form must be returned to me by March 31, 2023 and I will forward onto National.  There will be an award to one Auxiliary in the nation for the most outstanding promotion of the Young American Creative Patriotic 3-D Art Contest at the 2023 National Convention in Phoenix, AZ. I did not receive a single completed form for the National award last year.  Please don’t let this happen again this year.

Applications for the Continuing Education Scholarship and the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest are listed below for you to print off

I know we will have a great year in all these programs.  Please remember to report everything you do to me and check out the Auxiliary and District awards to be given out at our Department Convention next year.  I would like a winner for every award.

Our National President’s theme is “Hands that Serve, Hearts that Care“.  This program is geared to students in school, but taking the time to work this program shows we care and serve our communities.



Department Scholarships Program 22-23
Department Scholarships Report Form 22-23

National Scholarship 22-23
National Scholarship Report 22-23



Auxiliary Young American Creative Patriotic Art  Contest

3-D Young American Patriotic Art Contest

2-D Patriotic Art application

3-D Patriotic Art application

Patriots Pen Entry Form Fillable

Voice of Democracy Entry Form Fillable

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